Bespoke Shirt

Ever wondered what goes into a glamourous HST bespoke shirt?

In every of our finely tailored shirt,

you will find 3 integral components that guarantee an attractive shirt, with perfect fit

and impeccable workmanship.

i) Fabrics

We offer a vast range of fabric designs, with more than 5000 colours to cater to your fancy.

With our floor-to-ceiling shelves brimming with cloth, you can feast your eyes upon our collection, which is guaranteed to delight your senses.

HST Bespoke Shirts - Roll of fabrics
HST Bespoke Shirts - Huge inventory of fabrics
From Italy and England, these exquisite high fashion fabrics are used by such renowned brands as Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Gucci and Etro. You can be assured of the quality and beauty of these fabrics.

In HST, instead of just looking at colour swatch books, you can run your fingers through the sensual cotton, feel its fineness and single out the colours that you desire.

HST Bespoke Shirts - Feel them on your skin

ii) Measurement

A bespoke shirt is a masterpiece because of accurately engineered measurements.


Here are the myriad of measurements we take to ensure the best fit for your  body.

Collar- 3 measurements

Body- 10 measurements

Sleeve- 7 measurements

Shoulder- 2 angular measurements

Total- 22 measurements

These numbers will then be entered into AutoCAD (a drafting software application) and expanded into 72 measurement variables, delivering the highest accuracy that is found nowhere else.

Your paper pattern is plotted mechanically and your measurements are stored in our database to guarantee that your subsequent purchases will always have precise accuracy.

We are the first and only tailor in Singapore to incorporate this system in our bespoke creation.

iii) Workmanship

Every shirt is double stitched using a single needle. This traditional way produces a fine but sturdy seam. We prefer this over the common twin needle stitch. Our method may take longer, but produces a much stronger seam.

HST Bespoke Shirt
Custom Tailor Shirt

Stripes and checks on your shirt are carefully matched at all joints:collar, cuff, sleeve, shoulder and pocket. This requires highly-skilled workmanship to ensure that the patterns flow smoothly.  This is an essence of a finely crafted bespoke shirt.

We use the finest Swiss collar interlining, which costs 6 times more than the conventional material used by others.  So that your collar sits comfortably around your neck.

Tailor Shirt Collar
Mother of Pearl Buttons

Our collection of mother-of- pearl (MOP) buttons is extensive. You can also shop online for MOP buttons here.

We use heat-sealed shank technology to secure our MOP buttons to ensure they stay fast.  We are the only tailor in Singapore to do so.

Heat Shanked Mother of Pearl Button
Mother of Pearl Collar Stays You can enhance the value of your shirt with our priced MOP collar stays.  Beautiful and precious.


Considering the above 3 integral components,

our process is simple and guided.

HST Bespoke Shirt

HST Bespoke Shirt

HST Bespoke Shirt
HST Bespoke Shirt

We promise you a unique bespoke experience, based on our marrying sophisticated technology with trusted traditional expertise, and an immense collection of glorious fabrics.


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